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Wren. 20s. USA.

Book Reader & Lover.

the world was hers for the reading

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Hello, everyone!

First, thank you so much for checking out my book blog!

My name is Wren. I am in my twenties and reside in the U.S. I’ve recently completed my Bachelor’s degree within the business field.

I am a Gemini and therefore have a multitude of hobbies that capture my interest with written words being among the forefront (we do love to talk after all!). I have always loved reading from a small child and have often dabbled in writing as well (both in original fiction as well as fanfiction). I favor Young Adult and New Adult fiction when reading but occasionally branch out. I also enjoy bookstagramming (even though I’ve just started) and making aesthetics for some of my favorite books on weheartit. Other interests I have besides reading are K-Pop (BTS, Monsta X, Got7 (rip), Twice, and Blackpink are my favorites), gymnastics (I’m rooting so hard for Chellsie Memmel’s comeback!), and historical dress/lifestyle (Bernadette Banner and Sage Lilleyman are among my favorites).

I hope you enjoy your time on my blog and if you do, please consider following me!

Also please note, I have my real name on a lot of my social media accounts since I have family and friends following them and didn’t want to confuse them. You can call me by that name or by Wren! I love making connections in the community so please feel free to friend me or follow me on any platform and I will friend/follow you back.